News On Holly, Hogan, ECW, Jannetty, Meanie, More

This Sunday "Hogan Knows Best" will have an 8 episode marathon here are the scheduled episodes (Eastern Time).

The Associated Press picked up the story about the passing of Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow, so you can expect to see the story make the rounds in a number of markets during this week. Sports Illustrated ran the story on their website today also.


Marty Jannetty and The Blue Meanie talked about Bigelow's passing on their "official" MySpace pages over the weekend.

Hardcore Holly missed the ECW TV taping last week in Little Rock, AR to have nerve damage in his arm checked out. Holly had been scheduled to face Bobby Lashley in the main event on ECW on Sci Fi tonight in an Extreme Rules Match, but it was announced earlier that Holly has been pulled from the main event and Lashley will now face Test tonight. Whether or not Holly being pulled from the main event had to due with his nerve damage remains to be seen, but its the only thing we can go on at this point until more is known.

Anthony D'Alfonso sent word that is featuring a poll asking fans if they think ECW should add more championships. The choices include ECW Tag Team Titles, an ECW TV Title, the ECW World Title being good enough or ECW stars going for WWE gold.