Off Air Report From Last Night?s SD/ECW Taping

James sent the following:

I went to the ECW/Smackdown show and wanted to tell some things.

They opened the show with a dark match Hardcore Holly vs Chavo. The arena was probably half filled, probably about 4000 maybe 5000. The crowd was pretty dead, besides the big Holly pop for the hometown boy.

Holly won w/ the Alabama slam. Smackdown started with Batista vs Gregory Helms. The crowd got into Batista. Batista won. Alot of Kennedy cheers and also imitations. The show had some glitches, like for the over the top battle royal, Chris Benoit had to come out twice. The show was ok. The faces got good starting pops. But, The Undertaker and Kane got huge pops. Even bigger than Holly and Batista.

During ECW, for Test a lot of steroid chants (just look at the acne on his back). For Lashley a lot of Lesnar chants. For Alpha Male, a lot of TNA and pounce chants. CM Punk and Rob Van Dam were way over, but the Sandman's entrance caught us all by surprise. Novone knew where he was and I look beside me, and there he is right there. And for Elijah, I started a Truth chant cause we all said he looked like Ron Killings. The dark match was Undertaker and Kane w/ Paul Bearer vs MVP and Kennedy. Double tombstone like stereo it was cool.

Now, the fun part after the show, and its freezing cold. We saw a lot of wrestlers leaving lets start off with the coolest of the night Kelly Kelly. She made sure all the autographs were signed and hugged everyone and was so cool to talk and hear talk. She has a good heart. Throw Layla in that batch as well, she made sure we all got autographs and was just being fun. The 3 girl, the new one, hid in a car and waited for them and would not come sign anything. Chavo ignored us as well. Alpha Male who rode with Elijah, was right in front of us as was Elijach and would not even talk to people. All these kids and people just wanted a piece of paper signed and they would not, so I looked right at Monty and started a TNA chant. He was pissed and the security gave me a bad look. The Miz signed a few autographs. Now comes the dick. Bobby Lashley, he is riding with King Booker. So, Lashley comes over and starts talking to us, signs one or two autographs said man, I love all of you I will be right back ok I want to sign all your stuff....he took off with Booker. There were little kids and people who just wanted to get back something they have been given. I felt bad to be a fan. The girls are in short skirts out there freezing with us to sign and every guy besides Miz, ignores all of us and leaves and actually feels good about it.