RAW Security Guards, Trish's Payrate, WSX Notes, More

Wrestling Society X premieres NEXT TUESDAY, January 30th at 10:30pm EST! However, WSX has created several video trading cards for some of its extraordinary talented athletes. The first three have been posted on line today at the official WSX website (WSX.MTV.COM), and three more will be posted every day this week.


The debut episode of WSX, which will have an early viewing on Friday Night at 11pm, will feature the following matches: Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal, Black Label Society Performs, an Over the Top Rope Elimination/Ladder Bout for Two WSX Contacts on the Line with the following talent: Vampiro, Syxx Pac, Teddy Hart, New Jack, Youth Suicide, Kaos, Puma, Al Katrazz, Justin Credible, and Chris Hamrick.

Don Juan & Chris Marval from the San Antonio area and XCW were two of the security guards that split Edge and HBK up at the beginning of RAW last night.

Trish Stratus is making nearly $60,000 per episode of Armed and Famous.