Rey Mysterio Note, Why Hasn't Monty Brown Debuted?, Psicosis

CMLL advertised Rey Mysterio Jr. appearing at a 12/25 house show, which drew a good house. Of course, WWE didn't allow Mysterio to make an appearance.

According to Dave Meltzer, Monty Brown is resting up an injured knee before debuting in WWE. Brown was originally scheduled to debut in ECW, but those plans may have changed.

Not a good '06 ending for former WWE superstar Psicosis. He is once again working as Nicho in Mexico for CMLL, Psicosis got his nose shattered in a match by Hijo del Misterio (accidentally), and got his head shaved and rushed to a nearby hospital to get his nose set. Ouch. WWE officially released Psicosis in October.

WWE releases 2 talents today, one who was arrested yesterday [>>]

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