Ross Gets Hard Time Over Sooners, Heyman Update

source: PWTorch Newsletter

As reported earlier, Jim Ross made a rare request to WWE brass to give him New Year's Day off so that he could watch his beloved Oklahoma Sooners play Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. J.R. was denied his request because they needed him that night for RAW. Making matters worse, he was ribbed unmercifully as the Sooners fell, 43-42, in one of the greatest bowl games of all-time. According to an article in The Post and Courier, one WWE performer said, "I don't know why they give J.R. such a hard time, but Vince was really ribbing him all night about the game. They were all ribbing him during the game because he couldn't watch it."

As of last week, Paul Heyman remained under contract to WWE as they had not released him or fired him, and he did not quit or resign. He is getting paid to do nothing, so either WWE plans to utilize him in the future for another project after what amounts to a leave of absence or suspension, or they want to.