Royal Rumble News, K-Fed/WWE Publicity, Trish, & More

Tom sent this in: I thought this was interesting. I was watching Royal Rumble 2000 on WWE 24/7. On the intro they hype the Cactus Jack vs. HHH Title match. If you look closely some of the Cactus footage is from ECW and WCW. Which doesn t seem that strange because they own the tape library, but in January 2000 WCW and ECW were still in business. That means that WWE had to go back in and edit the Hype Package for that show. Thought that was kind of strange.

WWE received lots of mainstream media coverage this week following the fake Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell match on Monday Night Raw. "Entertainment Tonight" made a brief mention about the match this week, while "Good Morning America" aired 30 seconds of the match. Neither show had anything negative to say about the segment. Howard Stern also talked about the segment on his show this week and said it was awful and called Monday Night Raw lame. Thanks to Sean C. for also sending word.

Last night's "Armed & Dangerous" starring Trish Stratus on CBS did a 4.7 rating based on the overnights. That took the show to third place overall during its timeslot. That is considered a bad number for the show within the TV industry.

Erin Hayes sent this in: Trish Status' is going to be featured on an upcoming episode of Dairy on MTV (in Canada) on Tuesday January 16th at 7pm.