Rumored Matches For TNA Against All Odds

As a result of last night's Final Resolution PPV, the 2/11 TNA Against All Odds PPV is expected to be headlined by new NWA champion Christian Cage defending the world title against Kurt Angle. In addition, Dave Meltzer said Sunday night that the angle involving A.J. Pierzynski, Dale Torborg and Lance Hoyt would lead to a match at TNA's February PPV pitting Hoyt vs. Dale Torborg with A.J. Pierzynski in Torborg's corner, and Hoyt having St. Louis Cardinals Dave Eckstein in his corner. Also look for another AJ Styles vs. Rhino match according to


TNA is taping Impact tonight in Orlando, so we should have a pretty good idea of the Against All Odds PPV since its only four weeks away. We'll post Spoilers later this evening.