**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Taping Results

Special thanks to Fred for calling in the following results from Lakeland, Florida

The arena was sold out.

Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero. The crowd was very much into the match.

Paul London took on Brian Kendrick. The match was very slow and ended with no contest. People began TNA chants.

Booker T defeated Gregory Helms.

Boogeyman attacked Helms after his match by spitting worms in his mouth.

Ashley defeated Jillian.

Jimmy Wang Yang took on Tatanka. The match ended with a no contest. No time was lost.

Mr. Kennedy defeated Chris Benoit in a beat the clock main event in 5 minutes 7 seconds. The match was very enjoyable and the crowd was very much into it; however it was not for the United States Championship as rumored earlier.

Biggest Pops
Teddy Long

Most Heat
Booker T
Mr. Kennedy
Vickie Guerrero