**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

James Cohorn sent this in:

I attended the Smackdown/ECW tapings in Little Rock.

The entire upper level was closed off. I would say about 4/5 of the arena was full in the floor & lower level area.

The dark match was Jamie Noble vs. ???. I did not catch the name of Noble's opponent but it sounded something like Santhai? He was billed from Japan and was about the size of Rey Mysterio. He wore a black and green body suit with a mask. The unknown opponent pins Noble with a rollup.

Smackdown starts off with Mr. Kennedy bragging about winning the beat the clock sprint. "You suck" chant starts directed at Kennedy. He says that "I do not suck because he has championship match against Batista at the Rumble". Theodore Long comes out to congratulate Kennedy. Long then makes a match: Undertaker vs. Kennedy for tonight. Long says that win, lose, or draw that Kennedy will still get a title shot. Long says that if Undertaker wins then Batista will defend the title against Kennedy & Undertaker in a triple threat match at the rumble.

First match is Matt Hardy vs. Joey Mercury, who is wearing a protective mask. Hardy wins with a rollup on Mercury. Nitro comes out & MNM double team Matt. MNM pull up the mat on the outside of the floor to reveal the concrete. MNM hit the snapshot on Hardy on the concrete. Hardy is left laying on the floor.

During the commercial break, a man that was a row in front of me was asked to remove his Austin 3:16 football jersey by security because it said "WWF". He was then given a Royal Rumble t-shirt.

Next was a six man tag match with William Regal, David Taylor and MVP vs. Vito, London and Kendrick. MVP gets the pin for his team.

During the break the t-shirt guy is shooting shirts to the crowd. JBL comes over and takes the t-shirt gun and tries to shoot the shirts. He was overshooting the shirts so he just starts to throw them out to the crowd. The shirt guy takes over shooting with the gun.

Next was the No DQ match for the US Title between Benoit & Chavo. Chavo's main arsenal was trying to use a chair on Benoit. Early in the match Chavo exposes one of the turnbuckles. Benoit is thrown into the turnbuckle later on in the match. Chavo then starts hitting Benoit with the chair several times. Chavo then chokes Benoit with the chair over his throat. Chavo then hits an armbreaker over the chair to Benoit. Benoit goes for the frog splash but Chavo moves out of the way. Chavo then tries swinging the chair at Benoit but he moves out of the way and then applies the crippler crossface to Chavo. Chavo then reaches for the chair one more time but taps out to the crossface. This was the match of the night.

Kennedy was then shown in the back talking to Jillian Hall. She says that Teddy Long has been screwing him over for way to long. She says that he needs to go to Long's office to talk to him.

Deuce &Domino come out next with a Grease gimmick and attire. They went against local guys who were not announced. They got a lot of heat and had "Fonzie" chants directed at them. Deuce & Domino win.

Kane vs. The Miz(take) was next. This match was announced earlier in the evening. Kane wins easily over Miz.

Teddy Long is talking to Queen Sharmell in his office. King Booker is behind Long and says that he will reclaim what is his at Wrestlemania because he will win the Rumble. Long announces that next week there will be a 6 man Rumble style elimination match.

During the next break the lineup was announced for the Royal Rumble which spoiled some matches that had not taken place yet. Announced were Lashley vs. Test for the ECW title and Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy for the world title. It would have been fine if they had announced the Rumble card after the event happened. I knew that RVD would not be getting the ECW title and The Undertaker would not get his shot in the triple threat match because of the announced rumble card.

Batista comes out to do the commentary for the Kennedy vs. Undertaker match. Taker hits snake eyes on Kennedy then delivers a big boot on him. Undertaker seems to be in control of the match. Kennedy is outside of the ring & then suckerpunches Batista at the announce table. Kennedy then runs into the ring and Batista follows him thus costing The Undertaker the match and his shot at the world title.

The dark match main event with Mr. Kennedy teaming up with Finlay & King Booker vs. Kane and The Undertaker & Batista. Finish comes when Kane & Undertaker both chokeslam Finlay & King Booker, while Batista puts Kennedy in the Batista Bomb and gets the pin.