**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Smackdown spoilers from Mobile, Alabama:

Dark Match: Hardcore Holly defeats Chavo Guerrero in a very short match. Holly was over huge as a face and got a pop when they announced he was from Alabama.


Batista beat Gregory Helms with the Batista Bomb in a non-title match.

Chris Benoit beat The Miz with the Crippler Crossface.

Duece & Domino beat unnamed opponents with the boot to the face.

King Booker vs. Finlay ended in a double DQ when they knocked out the ref while fighting outside.

MNM, with Melina wrestling, beat Paul London, Brian Kendrick and Ashley when Kendrick was pinned with the Snapshot.

Kennedy did an interview, which was interrupted by Batista. The lights went out and Undertaker appeared. He tried to kick Kennedy, but Kennedy moved and Undertaker kicked Batista instead.

Kane beat MVP by DQ when MVP used a chair. After the match, MVP pulled out a gas can and tried to burn Kane, but Kane ran him off.

The 6 Man Over The Top Challenge became a 7 Man Over The Top Challenge, as Undertaker appeared (after Kane had already been tossed out) and eliminated everyone else to win.

ECW was next.

Dark Match: Undertaker & Kane, with special guest Paul Bearer, beat Kennedy & MVP.