Tatanka's WWE Firing, Cena/Umaga Storyline, & More News

The storyline coming out of last night's angle with WWE champion John Cena and Umaga is that doctors and officials "were concerned he suffered a ruptured spleen" after being put through the table on Raw. That certainly sounds like they are going to play up Cena will go into the Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble injured to build him up as an underdog this Sunday.

The latest episode of VH-1's "Hogan Knows Best" features the hysterical reaction of Hogan to seeing his daughter Brooke's FHM layout, which is to drive around the neighborhood and buy every copy so the neighbors won't spot the magazine. Seriously.

Tatanka posted a note on MySpace thanking everyone their support and requesting fans who weren't happy about his WWE release to email the company and express their thoughts.

Former Deep South Wrestling developmental talents High Impact and Tracy Taylor are now accepting independent bookings. They can be contacted at miketaylortmp@yahoo.com.

Anthony Diaz sent the following....I was listening to the Ron and Fez radio show today. They are huge wrestling fans and have recently run a wrestling-like storyline. They had a contest where one of their producers, Eastside Dave, held a contest to see if the fans wanted him to stay or go. If he lost he had to leave the show. They ran thru the whole gimmick and of course, he was voted out. They played up the whole storyline well, taking their time to do goodbye's. Everyone played their parts and stayed in character. Well today, I'm listening and they have a new producer, "The Midnight Rider". He has a mask and all. He is doing a horrible Dusty impression to boot. I got quite a laugh from this. They are still doing great staying in character. The producer is very careful when talking on mic to stay in character as well. It's a real funny bit with wrestling involvement.