The End Of D-X Comedy Skits, New WWE Hire, & More News

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE has hired someone to scout professional and college athletes across the country (and world) for potential developmental deals. Jim Ross was among several people who had pushed for years for McMahon to get more proactive in finding stand out athletes nearing the end of their run in various sports and recruit them to be trained by WWE.

Coincidence or not, DX have stopped doing comedy bits since the VKM angle on TNA mocking them has become more prominent. That won't disappoint Shawn Michaels, who has been outspoken against the skits at production meetings and with agents. Kevin Dunn is among those in power who have found the skits hilarious, so Michaels has been in effect a reluctant, embarrassed participant.

WWE Films' release of See No Evil and The Marine comes in as the No. 2 WWE story of the year on In the article, WWE takes aim at the people who criticized the idea of WWE making films. They wrote, "As for the so-called critics who believed the 2002 launch of the Los Angeles-based film division was a 'reel' mistake, they had no choice but to recognize what World Wrestling Entertainment does better than any other organization on the planet: entertain." The article then goes into "spin mode" in regards to the two movies' relatively mediocre box office performances at the box office.