The Latest On Konnan's Injury & Surgery

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As many of you know already, Konnan was scheduled for a hip replacement last week in Mexico. While doing the pre-surgery prep work, which includes being, checked over, doctors were alerted when his kidneys weren t working properly. Konnan had an internal infection along with not having many antibodies to fight the infection. Due the kidney issues, the surgery was postponed until next week some time.

Konnan returned to the United States to undergo kidney dialysis 3 times a week under the doctor s orders with hopes of that it will reduce his chances of a fatal accident during the surgery.

Once Konnan found out his kidneys were in bad shape, he immediately thought it was from the long-term steroid use. Doctors said his kidney failure was not due to steroid use however it did contribute to it. Like many wrestlers, Konnan has been using painkillers to ease his pain over the years so he could continue to wrestle.

Several years back, Konnan was told he would need a hip replacement later down the road. Instead of taking care of things at the time, he used painkillers to control it but only to find out he s done more internal damage than he thought.