TNA Chants Causes WWE To Pull All Future Press Conferences

As reported earlier, World Wrestling Entertainment has chosen to discontinue the pay-per-view press conferences effective immediately. One source said that the reason for this was that too many people would come to the events to chant "TNA", not to mention "VKM", during the conferences. This problem was especially evident at the New Year's Revolution press conference last week as there were several loud, audible "TNA" chants during the event. To make matters worse, Jonathan Coachman acknowledged the chants by saying, "that like Kansas City, TNA is inferior." All of this was audible on the live webcast on, but it was edited out of the subsequent post of the video.

Anyways, the chants at the New Year's Revolution press conference irritated Vince McMahon so much that he decided to cancel all future pay-per-view press conferences effective immediately.

Also, WWE has really been clamping down on fans' signs in recent weeks. For instance, at the 12/26 house show in Hershey, PA, they were confiscating several signs at the door. The current policy calls for anything lewd, anything TNA related, anti-babyface signs, not to mention anything plugging a website, to be confiscated by sercurity. Furthermore, the term "VKM" has been added to the banned list of signs that fans aren't allowed to bring to WWE events. There have been several reports in recent weeks of security confiscating signs that show the initials of everyone's favorite WWE Chairman, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.