TNA Final Resolution Results (1/14): New Champion!

TNA Final Resolution Results (1/14): New Champion!

Event: TNA Final Resolution Pay-Per-View
Airdate: Sunday, January 14th, 2007
Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, FL
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- The new TNA opening hits. A video package narrated by the great Muhammad Ali airs highlighting the 30 Minute Iron Man Match tonight between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe and the NWA World Title Elimination Match tonight with Abyss, Sting and Christian Cage.

- A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Final Resolution. We go live where a series of pyro goes off in the Impact Zone.

- AJ Styles' music hits to kick off the PPV. Styles is wearing new ring gear.

- Rhino defeated AJ Styles in a Last Man Standing Match. The rules for this match is that someone must be pinned and the person who is pinned must stand back up before the finish of a 10 count. Lots of high flying attacks from Rhino early on. Styles responded with offense of his own, including a big dropkick. Styles hit a big splash from the top rope on Rhino, covered and got the pinfall. Rhino stood up at the 8 count. Styles took out Rhino on the outside of the ring with a big flip dive over the top rope. Back in the ring, Rhino hit Styles with a big spinebuster and got the pinfall. Styles got back up at the 8 count. Rhino leaves the ring and goes for a table, but AJ crotches him on it. Back in the ring, Rhino takes out AJ with two big Gores and gets the pinfall. Styles slowly tries to get back to his feet, while noticing Rhino is ready for another attack. The finish sees Styles almost up at 8, but he looks at Rhino and says "screw you" and sits back down to give Rhino the win. After the match, Rhino gets on the mic and says he may have won, but that Styles was still standing. They brawled up the heel ramp and Rhino took out Styles with a piledriver at the top. Rhino put a table up against the tunnel with AJ on it, but when Rhino charged, AJ moved and Rhino crashed through the table.

- A video package for the X Division Title Match with Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin aired.

- Backstage, Leticia was with Jerry Lynn. She called him the pioneer of the X Division and Lynn took that like she was calling him old. Lynn said he was 43 and could still go with some of the best in TNA. He called Chris Sabin a punk and told Christopher Daniels that he still helps him learn new things every time they hook up. Lynn said, "Wrestling 101 is about to begin" and left.

- Chris Sabin defeated Jerry Lynn & Christopher Daniels in a Triple Threat Match to become the NEW X Division Champion. Daniels was knocked out of the match early on thanks to some offense from Sabin. This left Sabin and Lynn. Sabin and Lynn went back and forth, with Sabin getting the better of Lynn. Daniels got back in and locked on his full body clutch submission on Lynn. Sabin broke that up with a big leg drop from the top. Sabin then toyed with Daniels, locking his arms behind his back. Sabin slapped Daniels' head around a few times and then put him in the tree of woe. Sabin hit his big hanging dropkick in the corner. Lynn then fires back with a big double dropkick on both Sabin and Daniels. Lynn then leaped over Daniels from the top and hit a big huricanranna on Sabin! Don West added, "Is this 2002 all over again?" The fans in Orlando were really behind Lynn. Big spot off the top rope by all three men crashing to the ring. Big BME by Daniels on Sabin, which Lynn followed up with a big sitdown powerbomb on Sabin. Lynn grabbed Daniels and hit him with a big modified side slam. The finish saw Lynn counter an Angel's Wings attempt by Daniels into a Cradle Piledriver. When Lynn went for the cover, Sabin rolled Lynn up quickly to get the pinfall to become the NEW X Division Champion. They showed highlights of the match afterwards as Sabin celebrated on the heel ramp.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with Kevin Nash. Borash talked about how Nash's "boys" were in the Finals of the PCS Series tonight. Nash agreed and then introduced Bob Backlund as one of the judges tonight. Nash tried to get Backlund to talk about old stories on the road, but Backlund said he has never been in a car with Nash. Backlund asks if Nash did hard things in this PCS Series such as 1,000 squad, 1,000 push-ups and teaching them the crossface chicken wing. Nash said they did musical chairs, limbo and some drinking contests. Nash added that he was counting on Backlund tonight. Eric Young then walks up and tells Borash they need to go out shopping since his job depends on it. Borash said he couldn't because there was a PPV going on right now. Young says okay, but they have to soon. Young talks to Bob Backlund, shakes his hand and says he voted for him in 1995. Backlund said his election was in 2000.

- Finals of the Paparazzi Championship Series (10 Minute Time Limit): Jeremy Borash is in the ring and announces that the Finals of the PCS Series will now be taking place. Borash introduces the founder of the PCS – Kevin Nash. Nash joins Tenay and West on commentary. Borash then introduces the judges for the contest tonight – Samolian Joe (a masked wrestler from Madagascar), Big Fat Oily Guy and Bob Backlund.

Alex Shelley and Austin Starr then made their entrances for the match. This match has a 10 minute time limit. Lots of solid back and forth action between Shelley and Starr. Shelley took out Starr with a big suicide dive through the ropes on the outside. Big moonsault by Shelley on Starr back in the ring. Starr grabs some water and spits it in the face of Shelley, attempts a suplex, but Shelley blocks it and drills his boot into Starr's head. Shelley then hits a combination forearm and then an irish whip face first into the corner on Starr. Starr comes back with a big dropkick, but not much long later does Shelley respond with a backcracker. Shelley then goes to the ring apron, leaps over the top rope and drives Starr's head down into the mat hitting a big DDT. Shelley covered, but Starr kicked out. With 10 seconds left, Starr applies the Camel Clutch on Shelley. Shelley refuses to tap out and the match ends.

Jeremy Borash leaves the ring to go get the scorecards from the judges at ringside. 1 vote for Austin Starr from Samolian Joe (a masked wrestler from Madagascar). 1 vote for Alex Shelley from the Big Fat Oily Guy (who was eating a bag of Doritos as they read off his vote). When it came time to read Bob Backlund's vote, he came into the ring and Borash couldn't understand his scorecard. It turns out Backlund decided to judge Shelley and Starr on different categories. At one point the crowd got so quiet when Backlund read off his scoring that you could clearly hear a fan in the crowd yell out quote, "What the f*ck?" That got a big laugh from the crowd. In the end, Backlund's different scoring turned out to be a Draw. The fans booed. Kevin Nash left the announce table and told Borash to announce that a 5 minute Overtime will take place.

As soon as the bell rang, Shelley and Starr began exchanging pinfall attempts very quickly. In the end, Shelley rolled up Starr to get the pinfall to win the PCS Series.

Winner of the PCS Series: Alex Shelley

After the match, Kevin Nash came in and gave Alex Shelley the trophy. Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Senshi all came down to congratulate Shelley on his win. Starr then starts arguing with Kevin Nash. Nash eventually knocks Starr down. Starr grabbed a mic and said he was sick of this. He said he didn't come to TNA to jump on pogo sticks and do the limbo. Starr said he damn sure wasn't in TNA to revive someone elses career. He said the only person he respects is Senshi. Starr tells Senshi they should leave. Senshi disagrees. Starr says maybe you didn't hear me and told him to leave with him again, but this time in "Warrior tone." The crowd laughs at this. Starr then slaps Senshi and Senshi goes after Starr. Starr gets dumped to the outside and gets in Bob Backlund's face. Starr then pie faces Backlund and Backlund grabs him, locking on the crossface chicken wing to end this very long segment.

- A video package showing James Storm turning on Chris Harris to spell the end for America's Most Wanted is shown.

- Current TNA mobile results for who fans think will win the 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Samoa Joe with 60% and Kurt Angle with 40%.

- James Storm w/ Gail Kim defeated Petey Williams. Pretty quick back and forth paced match, with Petey started to gain a comeback towards the end. Storm hit an impressive spot on Petey from the top rope, flipping him forward. The finish saw Storm roll up Petey while holding the ropes to get the pinfall. After the match, Petey argued with the referee that Storm held the ropes. The referee asked the fans and they agreed. The referee then asked Gail Kim. Storm told Kim not to say anything. Storm then took out Petey in the corner. He left the ring and got handcuffs. Storm handcuffed Petey to the corner. Storm then got a beer bottle and teased hitting Storm with it. When Kim got in his face, Storm teased hitting Kim with it. Kim then gave Storm a low blow and started hitting him over the back. Jacqueline of WWE fame hit the ring and started taking out Kim. Jacqueline hit a big leg drop on Kim from the top rope and then celebrated with James Storm as they left.

- A video package runs highlighting some of the recent antics of VKM.

- Voodoo Kin Mafia Speak: BG James gets on the mic and says they have no choice but to declare victory over Vince McMahon and DX. James said they did everything they could have possibly done and runs down all of their antics that included camping outside WWE Headquarters, confronting Triple H at a Raw House Show and then welcoming Shawn Michaels to the Alamo in San Antonio. He added that no one likes to see a man down, speaking about Triple H, and wishes Paul a quick recovery. BG then says he didn't understand why Vince McMahon didn't accept their $1 million challenge since it would have brought him big ratings. He added that it would be the kind of ratings Vince got by having the former Mr. Spears pin your WWE Champion on national television. BG added that it also wouldn't be the kind of ratings Vince got by having two fake celebrities fight in his ring. He said he watched that and heard the boo's in the crowd. BG said those boo's then changed to something else – a TNA chant. The fans in Orlando chant TNA loudly. He said Vince insults the intelligence of wrestling fans every Monday night on Raw. BG then said Vince (and sings), WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT. BG put the mic on the crowd in Orlando and they finished the famous song. BG smiled and said you couldn't script that even if you wanted to. He said TNA was here to stay, even if Vince liked it or not.

This is where things got weird. Christy Hemme walked out with a mic and said she had to say something. She said if they were the foundation of DX and Triple H and Shawn Michaels were the foundation as well, then how come they never mention Joanie Laurer, aka Chyna? Hemme then started talking about women in the business always being ignored. She mentioned how Lita pretty much ran away from the business a few months ago. Hemme said she wants to get in the ring and wrestle. She said other women in TNA want to do the same such as Traci Brooks, So Cal Val and others. Hemme said women are not disposable like men think they are. The fans kind of went against this part of the segment chanting WE WANT WRESTLING. Hemme agreed (nice save). Then they started chanting BORING and Hemme pretty much gave up on the promo. BG told her to come back in the ring. He said he agreed with everything she said and that some men in this business do think that way. Kip James then took the mic away from BG and said he was one of those guys. Kip calls Christy a slut and told her she should go get her old job back stripping. He told Christy to never interrupt him ever again and said girls were only good for two things...BG pulls the mic away. Christy agrees with Kip and then slaps him.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Team 3D. Brother Ray said tonight was the old school vs. the new school – the old punks vs. the new punks. He said they are jealous of LAX because they have something they want – the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Ray promised a win tonight over LAX. When 3D left, Sting walked up and asked Borash if he had seen Abyss. Borash said he hadn't.

A video package aired highlighting the feud between Team 3D and the Latin American Exchange leading to tonight's title match.

- LAX vs. Team 3D for the NWA World Tag Team Titles ended in a No Contest – LAX retain the tag titles. Some pretty vicious power by Brother Ray early on with Homicide. Some double teaming by LAX on Devon. Big splash by Hernandez on Devon in the corner. Ray was slightly busted open on the ring apron. Devon makes a big comeback on both members of LAX. Big back drop by Hernandez on Devon that Homicide follows up with a big elbow drop. Hot tag by Brother Ray. Team 3D does the big "whazzup" drop. They hit the 3D on Homicide and then send Hernandez to the outside. The finish then saw Brother Runt come out down the ramp wearing his Santa outfit. Runt gets up on the top rope, takes a drink of alcohol and then leaps off the top rope splashing Homicide. The referee sees this and calls for the bell. Both Brother Ray and Brother Devon have both shocked and confused looks on their faces. After the match, Brother Ray grabs Runt and sends him to the outside crashing into the ring barrier.

- Final poll TNA mobile results for who fans think will win the 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Samoa Joe with 57% and Kurt Angle with 43%.

- Backstage, Jeremy Borash was with Samoa Joe. Joe tells Kurt Angle, "Welcome to the climax. Welcome to the final resolution." Joe says when this first started between them, the question on everyone's mind was who was the best? He said when Angle found out who the best was, it drove him nuts. Joe said Angle made this personal. He ends the interview saying he will torture Angle for 30 minutes.

- A video package for Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match airs.

- Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe (30 Minute Iron Man Match) – They went right to the mat at the bell. Angle worked over Joe with a headlock. Joe shoved Angle towards the ropes and took him down with a shoulderblock. Angle went to the floor. Joe challenged him to return to the ring. Angle returned to the ring. He and Joe began doing a ton of counters, then returned to their feet, facing off. Joe took Angle down with a tackle and he returned to the floor. Back in the ring, Angle took down Joe with a big shoulderblock and began nailing uppercuts. You could see he was tagging Joe hard and wasn't holding back. Angle was whipped into the corner and clotheslined as he came out. Joe began peppering him with punches in the corner. Joe nailed Angle with a huge kick in the corner for a two count. Joe began working over Angle with some matwrestling holds but Angle fought back to his feet. He drove Joe back into the corner and went after Joe's knee. Angle snapped a release belly-to-belly suplex. He measured Joe and kicked him in the face. Angle applied his foot over Joe's throat to choke him. Angle hit a belly to back suplex for a near fall. Angle went right after Joe with a sidechinlock. Joe fought his way to his feet but was cut off with a kick to the gut. Angle snapmared Joe over then went to a sidechinlock. scissoring his legs around Joe's waist. Angle tried to suplex Joe but Joe reversed it. With 20 minutes left, no falls taken.

They began battling back and forth. Angle whipped Joe into the ropes but Joe held on and didn't rebound. Angle went after him but Joe tossed him to the floor. Joe hit a running tope into a forearm, although it looked like he glancingly nailed Angle, then came down hard and hit his head on the rail. Joe tossed Angle back into the ring, and covered him for a two count. Angle began coming back but Joe caught him with a powerslam for another nearfall. Angle came back to hit an overhead release suplex, scoring a two count. Joe went for the Muscle Buster but Angle evaded and rolled through. Joe caught Angle with a choke and Angle tapped out. Winner of Fall #1: Samoa Joe by submission.

Joe charged across the ring and kicked Angle, then chopped him down to the mat. Angle came back to rock Joe with shot after shot. Angle went right back to the mat, working over Joe with a chinlock. He held Joe in it for a long time. He tried for the Olympic Slam but Joe reversed out of it and nailed a running knee. Angle came back with the Ankle Lock in the center of the ring. Joe tapped out. Winner of Fall #2: Kurt Angle by submission

Angle began focusing his attack on Joe's ankle and knee, kicking and stomping it. He began choking out Joe in the corner. Angle went back to the rear chinlock with the body scissor again. Angle tried to Olympic Slam Joe but as he came down Joe tried to do something but didn't catch Angle. Angle covered him real quick but Joe kicked up. Angle locked on the Ankle lock again and Joe tapped. Winner of Fall #3: Kurt Angle by submission

Angle continued to work over Joe in the corner. Joe was limping bad. Joe finally came back with a big clothesline out of the corner. He began coming back with thrusts and punches, then hit a knee to the jaw of Angle. Joe grabbed Angle for the Muscle Buster but Angle rolled through with a sunset flip for a near fall. Joe went for it again but Angle rolled through for another two count. Angle locked in the ankle lock but Joe rolled through. Angle's face hit the turnbuckles. Joe hit the muscle buster for the pin. Winner of Fall #4: Samoa Joe by pinfall

Joe limped towards Angle and began peppering Angle with right hands. Angle ducked a clothesline and tackled Joe's leg. Angle cinched in a toehold, then locked the anklelock in the center of the ring. Joe began trying to hold on and drag himself towards the ropes. Joe finally kicked off Angle, sending him into the ropes. Angle leaped off the ropes but Joe caught him. Joe went for a suplex but Angle rolled through and scored the pin. Winner of Fall #5: Kurt Angle by pinfall

Joe and Angle battled to the floor. Angle returned to the ring first and went after Joe as he returned through the ropes. Angle continued to work over Joe in the corner. He charged Joe but was caught with a uranage out of the corner. Joe put Angle on the ropes but Angle dropped down and pulled Joe's leg towards the ringpost. He slammed Joe's knee into the post several times. They stalked around ringside and returned, where they traded punches. Joe put Angle on the top rope and kicked him in the head, then hit the muscle buster, With 90 seconds left, Angle got his foot on the ropes. Joe went for the choke but Angle escaped and went for the ankle lock. Joe escaped and pummeled Angle with kicks and elbows. Joe locked on the Ankle Lock but Angle was able to hold on to the bell. Angle tapped out after the clock had expired. Winner of the Iron Man Match 3 falls to 2: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has now won the right to face the TNA World Champion at next month's "Against All Odds" PPV.

A video package highlighting the main event for the World Title was shown next.

Christian Cage vs. Sting vs. Abyss (c) for the NWA title – Tomko came out with Cage, but Jim Cornette came out to assign Tomko to a cage near the ring to avoid outside interference from him. On the outside, Cage bulldogged Abyss on the entrance ramp and slams Sting on the floor. Shock treatment by Abyss, but Cage barely kicked out. Cage went for the frog splash, but Abyss catches him and chokeslams Christian. Blackhole slam by Abyss on Christian, but the referee attended to Tomko who had a hold of Sting through the cage. Scorpion death drop by Sting, and Abyss is eliminated at 5:35. We are going to have a new champion tonight. Abyss chokes Sting, and leaves him lifeless in the ring. Cage worked over Sting, but Sting hulked up at the 8:30 mark and regained control of the match. Gorilla press, stinger splash, but missed a follow up. Superplex by Sting, as Mitchell returned to ringside. Sting's attention was focused on him. Mitchell opened the cage door as Sting applied the Scorpion. Tomko came in and dropped Sting with the referee distracted, but Sting kicked out. Tomko comes in again, but Sting flipped him over the ring. Abyss came out and went after Tomko. He throws Tomko back in the cage. Cage missed a belt shot. Unprettier by Sting, Cage kicked out. Mitchell hit Sting with the cane, but Abyss came in with the referee down. Sting puts Mitchell in the scorpion, but Abyss hit Sting with his chain. Cage hit the frog splash to win at 13:15 to win the NWA World title.

Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage next month.

End PPV.