TNA Not Paying For Konnan's Surgery, More On Huge Cuts

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA has told Konnan that they will not pay for his kidney transplant surgery which is going run him around $100,000 in the U.S. TNA has offered to loan him the money to have it done but he must pay it back. Konnan can get the surgery done in Mexico for much cheaper at around $35,000. The Roldan family who now runs AAA, has told Konnan that they plan on running several benefit shows to help him pay for the surgery. Konnan is the head booker for AAA.

Regarding the dropping of TNA paying for hotels, this only pertains to the talent. Everyone else from the announcers to bookers to production staff will still get their hotels paid for. The shuttle from the airport to the hotel rooms cost $24 while the hotel rooms at the Doubletree cost $69. However, the talents who's rooms are not being paid for are free to stay anywhere they wish.