TNA Wrestler Konnan Needs Your Help - Please Read

Konnan Update: Hip Surgery,$3000 Raised TowardsKidney Transplant Surgery (So Far), Ebay Auctions, Your Help Needed


Last week Konnan had hip replacement surgery in Mexico and is now back home. He is in alot of pain, but no complications have surfaced from the hip surgery.

Now Konnan prepares himself for his biggest battle, Kidney Transplant Surgery. As you heard in our audio interview with Konnan, doctors told him he would have gone into cardiac arrest in a matter of months if his kidney ailment wasn't discovered addressed.

Since his last appearance on TNA Impact, Konnan has lost over 40 pounds. His illness is literally eating away at his muscles.

To the credit of many caring fans,some have offered their Kidney for transplant. If you are O Negative which is Konnan's blood type, or even O Positive, you could be a donor. Unfortunately,the cost for;Kidney Transplant surgery is in excess of $35,000. Konnan does not have any medical insurance.

Konnan is planning on having the surgery in Mexico because of the lower cost. In the United States, Kidney Transplant could cost $80,000 to $100,000.

With Konnan's blessing,Georgiann Makropoulos and myself started a drive worldwide to raise money to pay for Konnan's kidney transplant. As of this writing, a total of $3,000 has been raised. All of us are touched with the amount of support the wrestling community has shown towards helping Konnan.

Konnan is too weak to do any type of audio interview at this moment. But he sends along his thanks and is very grateful for the help. To quote Konnan, he said that the love and help he is receiving makes his 20 year wrestling career worth it that much more.

$3,000 raised in two weeks is excellent. But we have to raise so much more. Obtaining a donor for a kidney transplant is critical. But without raising the $$$, the surgery cannot be done. We aretalking about something that needs to be done very soon. We ask everyone out there to please take the time and assist in any way you can NOW. Whether it's a financial donation, a donated item towards our Ebay auctions, or even just spreading the word.

Below are several ways you can help. As I've said before, even if every wrestling fan donated $1. Or even $5. His surgery would be paid for in a second.


TNA made a very generous gesture to Konnan by loaning him the money for his Hip Replacement Surgery. However Konnan is on his own with his Kidney Transplant.

With his blessing, we have set up a drive to raise money to cover the expenses so Konnan can have his Kidney Transplant. There have been countless numbers of fans, wrestlers, websites, and wrestling companies wanting to help Konnan in his true hour of need. Now you have the opportunity to do so.

A Paypal account and email address( has been setup so everyone can send donations. Every penny donated will go towards Konnan's Kidney Transplant Surgery. If you do not have a Paypal account, setting one up takes 5 minutes. If you prefer to send a donation by mail, an address is listed at the bottom of
this article.

For Paypal Donations, click the button link below. Or if you visiting Paypal directly, use the email address below for Donation information: (PAYPAL ADDRESS)

Physical link directly to Paypal Donation Page:


Donate $1, $10, $100, anything you can send. Can you imagine if every wrestling fan sent even $1? The cost for his surgery would be paid in a second.


Paypal will convert all overseas currency to US Dollars.

*** You can include a private message to Konnan as wellwhen sending your paypal donation. All donations and messages will be received by Konnan.***


Anyone that has a wrestling item, memorabilia, anything they would like to donate, please contact Georgiann Makropoulos at orAnthony DeBlasi@

We will place all items on Ebay and all revenueraised for your item will be given to Konnan in your name.


Below is the mailing address for anyone who would like to mail a donation, even a card and/or letter to Konnan. Besides Paypal, you can send cash, checks, or money orders. Anyone that wants to send a check or money order, please make it out to 'Charles Ashenoff'. Mail all donations and Get Well Wishes to:

c/o Konnan
PO Box
Howard Beach, NY 11414-0573


I don't want to single out any websites or wrestling companies who have already assisted. But we thank all of you. I can assure you it is not going unnoticed, not by us or even Konnan.

If you have a favorite website, indy fed, fan site, etc, and haven't seen this information posted, send it to them. No site or fed is too big or too small.

Again it is very difficult to ever see the wrestling community come together for any reason. I am hopeful that in this case it will. There is no excuse why every fan, website, wrestling company, wrestler doesn't take a moment to help this man out.

We've set up all avenues on behalf of Konnan so assistance can be made for him. Now it is up to you. I strongly recommend you listen to Konnan's appearance on our show Thursday evening. It brought a tear to manyeyes.

CLICK HERE to listen online to our interview with Konnan (1/4/2007)


RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download the audio

Konnan has done so much for the wrestling world over the last 20 years. Let's return the favor and show our appreciation to Konnan.

Thank you for your time.

Contact Info,
Donation questions:
Anthony DeBlasi
Georgiann Makropoulos

Also visit Konnan's MYSPACE page at: