Trish Stratus' Reality TV Show Picked Up By VH-1, More

PWInsider reports that VH-1 has picked up the Trish Stratus reality series "Armed & Famous" for a five-hour marathon this Saturday starting at 5:00 PM Eastern. That includes the fifth episode that never aired on CBS due to the show being cancelled.

The show followed several celebrities in their journeys as police officers in Muncie, Indiana. They were trained and partnered up with real police officers to fight crime. Along with Trish, the show featured La Toya Jackson, Erik Estrada, Wee Man (from Jackass), and Jack Osbourne.

The shows ratings started off strong, but it couldn t stand up to American Idol which aired on FOX in the same timeslot. The ratings spiraled downwards until the CBS pulled the plug on the show.

There were also two additional episodes of the show scheduled, so it s possible that they will eventually show up on VH-1 as well.

It's estimated that Trish earned around $60,000 per episode.

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