Two WWE Divas Fighting Backstage, Lots Of Profanity

I've been informed that apparently, the recently released Amy Zidian left a really nasty message on one of the blogs on the MySpace page of SmackDown Diva Kristal Marshall earlier today. In the message, she also posted a recent candid photo of Kristal with her new dog, Ginger, multiple times no less. However, she posted the picture to demean her because she photoshopped several images of Matt Striker's head on top of the dog's head. From what I've heard, Striker has been dating Kristal since October or so, although I have yet to get that 100% confirmed.


Zidian was released from her WWE contract on December 13, 2006. She was released because of her attitude. Over a three week period, she managed to upset Layla El, Kristal Marshall, Vickie Guerrero, and Stephanie McMahon. In regards to what Amy did to Kristal while they were both in WWE, she made fun of her hair extensions. Marshall relies heavily on hair extensions as her hair is actually really short. Zidian's comment made Kristal angry to say the least and she complained about her to management.

Anyways, here is the nasty message Amy left on Kristal's MySpace page. Amy's MySpace page ( has been confirmed to be legit, so this isn't some fake person leaving the nasty message. She posted the same message three times:


Hey MisS KriS...thought id let your fans know since youre too busy doing nothing to share some pics with the myspace world. Im sure most of you know about Kristal's new b*tch, GINGER! Well I know a lot of you have asked about how Ginger looks like, well today is your lucky day! Here are the very first exclusive pics of Kristal's b*tch Ginger.:

here we see the adorable b*tch Kristal likes to walk around these days. It's only a face a mother could love. And Kristal knows better than anyone else that the most important thing in maintaing a b*tch is to feed it!

B*tch looks hungry! Better feed it. Some purina dog chow may do the trick. Im sure the b*tch is used to having to down a whole bottle of jack daniels and puking all over your fake louie vutton purse but a b*tch must be fed properly with the right foods!

The worst thing you can do is dress up your b*tch like its a human. What kind of f***ing dog wears clothes like the b*tch aint warm enough with the fur on him. If you really wanted to keep him warm, you should try and use the weaves from your head to wrap it around Ginger. God knows you have more weave than you need.

B*tch is angry! He may bite but hes a big p—ycat! He knows how it feels to be a piece of sh*t! Maybe you should let him of his leash from time to time. MAKE SURE you teach your dog proper ettiquette when bringing the b*tch backstage or he may find himself being kicked out of the lockerroom by JBL and being forced to dress by himself in the extra's locker room.


I hope all you fans enjoyed these first exclusive pics of Kristal's new b*tch, Ginger. I feel sorry for the sucker who got her that ugly b*tch.

Thanks for running to Stephanie and trying to get me fired. You got the job done you bald skank!