Update On 2-Hour TNA Monday Night Special, Leticia, & More

It hasn't been officially announced, but it looks as if TNA will indeed get a two hour special on Monday, February 12 when RAW would otherwise be airing on USA. RAW is preempted for the dog show on that night and it won't air on Sci-Fi either because of a marathon scheduled for that network on that evening. So if the deal goes down, TNA will go unopposed on that night in what could be its only chance for years to air on what's become the main "wrestling night" in America and capture some new viewers looking for their weekly wrestling fix. Furthermore, the show is slated to replay on Thursday night during the usual start time. Stay tuned to TNAWrestlingNews.com for more on this story as they'll be sure to post the latest breaking information.

TNAWrestlingNews.com is reporting that TNA's interview girl Leticia Cline is in an online modeling contest along with some other models. The winner will get a Photoshoot and layout in HighRoller Magazine, among some other prizes. There is a link to a bunch of sexy pictures of her at the bottom of the page and you can vote for her if you'd like to.

TNA is still trying very hard to sign Chris Jericho who has shown some interest in the company as of late. Stay tuned to TNAWrestlingNews.com for more on this developing story.