Vince's Demeanor, ECW, Hogan's/UFC, & More News

Vince McMahon didn't appear pleased at all by the New Year's Revolution PPV. And he thought ECW's December to Dismember was good? Geesh.

Colin Mac from Trumbull sent this one: I was just on the ECW web site and I noticed that they have once again changed Monty Brown s name. They first listed him as Marquis Cor Von however they currently have his name as Marcus Cor Von.

Mike sent this one: Watching UFC Fight Night in Seminole FL, and Hulk & Brooke Hogan were shown onscreen as being in the audience. Didn t know Hogan s were UFC fans.

WWE s No Way Out pay-per-view taking place on Feb. 18 at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles is sold out with more than 13,000 fans expected.