Vince Irate Backstage At RAW, K-Fed Backstage Update, & More

Kevin Federline has gotten great reviews from the people in the back, as he's quiet and respectful, doesn't act like he s above the business, and asks for plenty of help and ideas.

Vince McMahon was incredibly angry after the Todd Grisham/Great Khali interview segment aired on RAW on Monday. At the moment, it is unknown as to what the problem was, although it was something about how the segment was shot. Whatever the problem was, he was irate to say the least.

WWE sent out the following media alert on Monday in hopes of a clip of the "Rosie" vs. "Trump" match making it on to some news programs: "Hope this finds you well. WWE will finally let 'Rosie' and 'The Donald' duke it out in the ring on tonight s Monday Night RAW. As these dead 'ringers' for both titans are so close to the real people, please consider the below for a fun on-air newsbit."