What You Didn?t See Last Night On WWE NYR 2007

Joel Dixon sent the following:

I attented the pay per view (on Sunday) and have a few live notes.

The dark match was Eugene vs. Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov did a typical foreign heel promo before match to get some heat. Ok match, not really any offense from Eugene, mostly a squash match. Lots of U.S.A. chants.


Hardy vs. Nitro
Crowd was into this match, ending came quick though and a little disappointed we didn't see the swanton off the top of the cage.

Tag-Team Turmoil
Cryme Tyme was way over with the crowd.

Kenny vs. Ric Flair
Flair got one of the biggest pops of the night. Kenny looked very solid.

Victoria vs. Mickie James
Kemper Arena has very nice bathrooms.

DX vs. Rated RKO
DX got the biggest pop of the night right up with Cena. I considered this the match of the night. They changed the ring apron after this match because of all the blood.

Carlito vs. Chris Masters
This could have been a good match, but after the DX match it just seemed the crowd wasn't very much into it and Carlito didn't get as big of a pop as I would have expected.


Cena vs. Umaga
Cena was way over with the crowd. And I would say Umaga had the most heat of the night. Crowd was very into to this match just as much as the DX match.

Kemper Arena seemed to be full, I couldn't spot any empty seats. The only sections tarped off where the seats behind the stage. The crowd seemed to be a lot of younger kids or at least in my section and on a funnier note a little fat boy a few rows in front of me took his shirt off and was beating his chest like tarzan when Umaga came out and a WWE offical asked him to put his shirt back on.