WWE Going After WSX Already, Sid Update, & More Notes

WWE is already going after Wrestle Society X. Considering that a number of people in the organization are under short-term teams, the company is going out of their way to land some of their top wrestlers. WWE has offered Teddy Hart a deal, but it is more because of the Hart Foundation idea. Also, WWE has suddenly shown interest in Matt Sydal and Ruckus. WWE has contacted those two individuals. Sydal, who is 5-9 and 177 pounds, goes against their size directive in hiring talent, which is 6-2 and 250 pounds.

Sid Vicious will be making his first appearance in a wrestling ring in about a year and half as he will be competing in the main event for a new wrestling show called Southern Extreme Wrestling Promotions that debuts on March 2nd in Memphis, TN, The show takes place at 7:30 PM at the old Capelville Gym located on Malone off Shelby Drive. Visit rasslinriotonline.com for more information.

Former WrestleMania headliner King Kong Bundy is now doing stand-up comedy. He did a show last Friday in Delaware.