WWE Interested In WSX Talents?, Vince/Trump, Backstage News

Regarding Matt Sydal, Ruckus and now Joey Ryan, people close to them say that WWE contacted them as they were interested in them once their WSX contracts expire. However, WWE sources are saying that all three individuals contacted WWE first. Also, they are under iron-clad contracts with WSX, not to mention that they are not under short-term deals. Apparently, Teddy Hart's deal is two years long, and thus it won't be expiring within the next few months, obviously. Due to all this, WWE isn't going to use them and they have no major interest in any of them.

There are plans on paper for WWE to bring in minis and dress them up as Vince McMahon and Donald Trump within the next few weeks.

Former Spirit Squad members Nick Nemeth and Mike Mondo are doing a tag team gimmick down in OVW as 'The Fraternity Brothers'.