WWE News & Notes: House Show Ladder Matches, K-Fed, More

Dan sent the following: I went to the East Rutherford, NJ house show on Thursday, and I have a couple of notes. First- the ladder match that was reported is in fact true. Hardy vs. Nitro vs. Carlito. Also, I found it weird that during the intermission, they played the Big Show s entrance song.


Chris sent the following: Hey just thought I would pass along an interesting tidbit. Last night on Headline Prime s (a subsidiary of CNN) TV show Glen Beck near the end he is talking about American capitalism and says how it stopped K-Fed s rap career and that he had to wrestle in the WWE. A video of Cena giving Federline the F-U was shown.

Justin sent the following: The pre-sale password the WWE house show in Champaign, IL on February 4th is WWE.