WWE RAW Results (1/8): Great Khali, End Of D-X?

WWE RAW Results (1/8): Great Khali, End Of D-X?

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Airdate: Monday, January 8th, 2007
Location: The Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO
Results by Steven Gerweck

- Program opens with video highlights from last night's New Year's Revolution PPV, including Triple H injuring his quad in the DX-Rated RKO match.

- Announcer's preview tonight's show: Mr. McMahon presents Rosie vs. Donald, plus a Rated RKO's victory celebration.

* John Cena makes his way to the ring. JR said John Cena is sore from head to toe from last night's match with Umaga. "The champ is here," says Cena to open his promo. Cena said last night's match was no fluke, as he got his butt kicked. He said Estrada went on WWE.com and said last night was a fluke. Cena said he is in the mood to rematch Umaga tonight. Cena said he made his Raw debut in St. Louis, and asks if they want to see the match tonight. Out comes Jonathan Coachman.

Coach said he has given Umaga the much deserved night off, but Cena doubts it. Coach said Cena doesn't have the night off. Coach said Cena will face The Great Khali against Raw's newest talent in a non-title match. Out comes The Great Khali. Khali enters the ring and stares down the WWE champion.

- WWE airs a media report highlighting the Rosie v. Donald feud.

* Backstage, Vince McMahon talks about some off the great matches in the history of wrestling, The Rock vs. Steve Austin, Bruno Sammarinto vs. "Superstar" Billy Graham, Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant, and tonight, we'll see Donald vs. Rosie. Oh joy!

* In his office, Vince welcomes a Rosie lookalike. Vince gives Rosie a big hunk of ice cream/fudge, and she starts to stuff her face. "Rosie" said tonight she'll beat Donald. Vince says you are what you eat.

(1) IC title match: Kenny Dykstra vs. Jeff Hardy.

They took a commercial break minutes into the contest. Nitro comes out, but it allowed Ric Flair to low blow Kenny, setting up a twist of fate and senton bomb for the Hardy victory in a seven minute match to retain the IC title.

- Backstage, "Rosie," still eating, walks into the diva's locker room.

* JR and King talk about Triple H's quad injury, stating he'll have surgery tomorrow, and he's likely out 4 to 6 months.

- Backstage, Rosie talks to divas Maria and Candice Michelle. She said she'll get them tickets to "The View."

* The Great Khali cut a promo no one could understand.

- More Rosie vs. Donald feud media clips.

- Melina and Victoria are shown walking down the hall way. Announcers say they'll face Mickie James and Maria next.

(2) Melina & Victoria vs. WWE Women's champion Mickie James & Maria. Maria does the bronco buster on Victoria in a corner. Her panties were exposed, bare ass, guaranteed pics below. Melina pinned Maria to win a short match.

- Backstage, a Donald lookalike gets his whig hair sprayed.

- Wrestlemania Recall: Steve Austin stuns Brock Lesnar and Goldberg at Wrestlemania 20.

* Out comes Vince McMahon. Vince says its time for "Donald vs. Rosie." He introduces "Rosie," and then "Donald." They get into a verbal war of words.

(3) "The Donald" vs. "Rosie". Rosie leaves the ring, and eats more of the ice cream/fudge snack which is sitting on the Raw announce table. They actually lock up and do some wrestling moves, but the fans chant "boring." The fans then chant "TNA, TNA." "The Donald" grabs the fudge, and slaps her in the face with it. "The Donald" pinned "Rosie."

Worst segment ever, thank you TNA fans for the chant!!

* They plug Khali vs. Cena for later, plus the Rated RKO victory celebration.

(4) Chris Masters vs. Carlito. Torrie came to the ring and hit Masters in the behind with the ring bell, setting up a backcracker by Carlito for the victory.

- They showed more footage of the DX/Rated RKO match from New Year's Revolution.

* Out comes Rated RKO. Edge has a shinner, and Orton sports a neck brace. Both walk gingerly to the ring. Orton admitted he and Edge got the heck beat out of them. Orton said they lost a ton of blood last night, but that it was worth it. Orton talked about Triple H tearing his quad. Orton said they ended DX. Edge talked about all the people that tried to take DX out, but couldn't. Edge said they took out Triple H, and next week they'll finish the job. He said next week, its Rated RKO vs. Shawn Michaels in a handicap match. HBK came out to the entrance ramp, as the fans chanted "HBK, HBK." HBK said he came out to address the question if this is the end of DX. HBK said the answer is, "I don't know." He talked about Triple H's surgery tomorrow. Fans chanted "Triple H, Triple H." Shawn said he'll be at his friends side. HBK said he'll deal with Rated RKO next week.

(5) Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Cryme Tyme. Shad pinned Murdoch for the Cryme Tyme victory.

- Looks like Khali vs. Cena is next...

* Backstage, "Rosie" is crying and Ron Simmons says "damn."

- At ringside, The King interviwed Vladimir Kozlov. He said he can beat The Great Khali and John Cena. He said he loves WWE.

* Backstage, Eugene runs into The Great Khali who is on his way to the ring.

(6) The Great Khali vs. John Cena in a non-title match. Estrada joined the announce booth. Cena gets DQ-ed when he used a chair on Khali. Khali then slams the champ, and towers over him. Estrada then signals for Umaga, who runs through the crowd and into the ring to attack the WWE champion.

Umaga gives Cena the Samoan Spike as the program concludes.