WWE RAW Results (1/15): HBK vs. RKO, & More

WWE RAW Results (1/15): HBK vs. RKO, & More

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, January 15th, 2007
Location: The Centurytel Center in Bossier City, LA
Results by Steven Gerweck

Nice video highlight package of Martin Luther King Jr. opens the show, "long live the dream" indeed.

- Out comes WWE champion, John Cena. The contract signing will lead off the program. Coachman said this might be the last time he introduces Cena as the WWE champion. Coach introduces Umaga, who comes out with his manager Estrada. Fans chant "Cena." Coach said he decided to make their match a special match, and asked Estrada to pick the type of match they will compete it. Estrade said Cena will defend the WWE title against Umaga at the Royal Rumble in a last man standing match. Gosh, not another one of those after last night's match at TNA's Final Resolution. Estrada said there is no way Cena can win that type of match, and signs the contract for Umaga. Cena said he is crazy and full of surprises, and jumps over the table to attack Umaga. They brawl onto the arena floor, where Cena rammed the ring steps into Umaga. In the ring, Cena gives Estrada the FU through the table. Cena raises the spinning belt as his music starts up.

* Announcers plug tonight on Raw, Rated RKO vs. HBK in a handicap match.

(1) Mixed tag team match: Melina and Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy and Maria. Maria came out and did Hardy's hand gestures. Maria is wearing a hot little mini-skirt with a thong on clearly exposing her ass checks. Wow that is f*cking hot. 9 close-up pics posted in our brand new gallery script at the link below. As soon as the bell rang, fans started the "Hardy" chant, followed by a loud Melina scream. Maria hit a bulldog on Melina, but she kicked out. Melina put Maria into the camel clutch. Hardy hit the senton bomb after blocking a superplex attempt by Nitro to win the match.

* Backstage, The Coach talked to Vince McMahon. Vince was on the phone trying to get a hold of Donald Trump. The operator didn't know whom McMahon was (and Vince even had to spell him name), but it was said Trump was having dinner. McMahon asked that Trump return his call ASAP.

- At the entrance ramp, Rated RKO come out to cut promos. They play the "are you ready" part of the DX theme, followed by a hospital sound when the machine informs you when someone's heart stopped beating. Orton said tonight, they get the chance to take out HBK, and end DX once and for all. Orton said Triple is done, and won't be able to help Shawn. Orton excuses himself to check on something backstage. Edge said HBK made his TV debut in Cajun country, and it was fitting, since his career would end here tonight. Edge said he had to go check on Orton. Edge and Orton bring out a beat up and bloodied Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Edge said Hacksaw won't be able to help Shawn tonight, and knows HBK won't make the save since he hasn't arrived yet to the building. Edge gives Hacksaw a chair shot as referees try to stop him. Agents Mike Rotundo and Dean Malenko come out to check on a helpless Duggan.

(2) Ric Flair vs. Kenny Dykstra. This match again? Geez. Ross pointed out that Flair won his 16th world title before Dykstra entered high school. Lawler said he received word that medics started working on Duggan backstage. Dykstra put Flair into the figure four, but the Nature Boy grabbed the bottom rope. Flair wins with his foot on the ropes.

* Smackdown Rewind: Mr. Kennedy earns his Royal Rumble spot with Batista.

- Backstage, HBK walks in with his bags. Todd Grisham asks HBK about Duggan, but Shawn knows nothing about it. HBK said he is sorry they drug Duggan into it. He said HHH will be out six months, and he'll go it alone. Ric Flair, wearing a HBK shirt, offers his services to HBK.

- In his office, Vince continues to wait with the Coach for Trump's call. Vince reads a letter that was written by Donald himself. Trump puts down last week's Rosie-Donald match. Trump says in the letter that he'll be watching this week, and urges McMahon to watch his NBC show. Vince said he doesn't care about Trump's show. Vince said he'll give the people some compelling television, and leaves his office.

- Out comes McMahon to the ring. Vince is upset that Donald called the Donald-Rosie match a skit, and a poor attempt at comedic satire. They show highlights of the "skit." Vince said that was brilliant. They show it again in slow motion. McMahon said he tells his audience what they want to see, rather than what Donald does. Vince introduces "Miss USA" (as he would have handled that situation differently). Out comes Torrie Wilson as "Miss USA." Wilson reads a statement saying she had been bad, and asks what she can do to make it up to Mr. McMahon. As Vince talks to Wilson, out comes Carlito. Carlito tells Vince he isn't cool, and the Rosie-Donald thing was really bad. Carlito said Trump was right about him, and he doesn't know what the fans want. They don't want to see Vince talk, but see people fight. Vince takes off his suit coat, but brings out The Great Khali. Khali head butts Carlito, and beats down Carlito as Vince enjoys it. Wilson looked on in terror. Vince looks at Carlito laying flat on his back and says, "now thats cool." Vince walks away as Torrie consoles Carlito.

(3) Women's championship title match: Mickie James vs. Victoria. James wins with a thrust kick.

* They recapped the Cena/Umaga contract signing angle from earlier in the show.

* In plugging the royal rumble match, they showed images of Vis, Benoit, Shelton, MVP, Nitro, Holly, Sandman, Sabu, RVD, Carlito, Punk, Finlay, Chavo, Flair, The Miz, Kenny, Masters, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Undertaker, Kane, HBK, Edge, Orton and King Booker. I believe thats 25 guys.

- Subway rewind: The solider from Iraq breaking Chris Masters' masterlock from the Raw special.

- In the ring, Masters said he is going to win the royal rumble match. I wouldn't count on that Chris. He said no one can win the masterlock, thus he'll win the match. Masters holds up a letter from Vince that said no one has broken his masterlock since JBL interfered in Iraq. Its another masterlock challenge. Out comes Ron Simmons sporting his 'damn' t-shirt. Masters said he would be prefer someone else, but Simmons insisted. Simmons sat down on a chair. Masters places Simmons in the masterlock. Super Crazy runs in for the DQ. Crazy hits a moonsault, leaving Masters on his back. Simmons grabs the mic and simply says "damn." Lawler believed that Simmons had broken Master's masterlock.

* Wrestlemania Recall: RVD winning the money in the bank match from last year's Wrestlemania.

- After the break, JR said that due to outside interference, the masterlock has yet to be broken.

- Backstage, Ric Flair is on his back laid out and HBK runs in to check on him. Grisham said the rumor is that the last two near Flair were Orton and Edge. Gee, really?

(4) JTG of Cryme Tyme (with Shad) vs. Shelton Benjamin (with Charlie Haas). JTG gets the win when Shad pulled out the leg of Benjamin as he attempted a powerbomb.

- Backstage, HBK said tonight he is not going down alone and superkicks Grisham! YES! Finally. Prior Grisham said Flair had been taken to a medical facility.

- In a record segment, Triple H talked about his injury and they showed footage of Hunter in Birmingham, AL with Dr. James Andrews. Andrews talked about Triple H's surgery. Triple H talked about rehab and his recovery time.

- Outcomes Randy Orton and Edge to the ring, and were introduced by Lilian Garcia. Edge asks us, "are you ready?" Orton finishs the DX intro by mocking Triple H resting at home. Orton wants all DX signs grabbed by security, and they do so. Orton said not even the fans are going to be able to help him tonight. Edge and Orton tear up the DX signs.

(5) WWE Tag Team champions Edge and Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels in a handicap match. HBK came out and runs into the ring and goes after both members of Rated RKO. Edge and Orton will make tags. On the outside of the ring, Edge gives HBK a running clothesline. HBK has been busted open. Edge went for a spear, but HBK moved and he hit his partner Orton. HBK drops the elbow on Edge.

HBK got up and stomped his foot. Orton came in and stopped him, allowing Edge to spear HBK. Edge grabbed chairs from the outside, as the referee called for the bell. Edge placed HBK's head on a chair, but HBK blocked another chair shot. HBK gets up a kick Rated RKO in the privates. HBK goes under the ring and grabs a sledgehammer. HBK hits Edge in the rib cage with the sledgehammer, and nails Orton in the face with it. A bloodied HBK stood over Edge and Orton. HBK put a chair under Orton's head. Edge tried to stop him, but was chased away. HBK hits the Orton with a chair as Edge watched from the entrance ramp, as the show concludes.