WWE RAW Results (1/29): New Tag Champs, 'Taker, Trump!

WWE RAW Results (1/29): New Tag Champs, 'Taker, Trump!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, January 29th, 2007
Location: The American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX
Results by PowerWrestling.com

No opening video – DX's music hits and Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring to a great ovation. HBK says that last week he says no mortal man would stop him from winning the Rumble but the only problem was there were 29 mortal men, and the Undertaker. He says regardless of that, the showstopper is still back and he says that he will still be the next WWE Champion at WrestleMania. He says as long as Undertaker chooses either the World Heavyweight Championship or the ECW Championship then that leaves the WWE Title wide open. WWE Champion John Cena then makes his way to the ring – the announcers put over the great Last Man Standing match from last night. Cena says he likes the idea of them two at Mania just then Edge cuts Cena off. Edge stays at the enterance way he says he was right that HBK wouldn't win the Rumble and he's beat Cena countless times so the match at Mania should be his. Randy Orton then comes out and gets in Edge's face – he says even though they are tag champs just like in the rumble when it comes to the world title its every man for himself. They get into an argument and Cena cuts them off and challenges them to come to the ring. Mr. McMahon comes on the titan tron and tells them that because tonight is fan appreciation night Orton & Edge will defend the World Tag Team Titles against HBK & Cena.

(1) Cryme Tyme vs. World's Greatest Tag Team. Shad takes the early advantage, Haas & Benjamin work on Shad's knee, Shad sells the injury and tags in JTG, after interfearance from Haas – Benjamin rolls up JTG for the win.

Melina thanks Mr. McMahon backstage for something – Coachman comes in and says everything is set for fan appreciation night, Vince says that this may very well be as big as WrestleMania, he notes how after tonight he will be recognised as a humanitarian much like Mother Teresa!

This week in wrestling history: the very first Royal Rumble in 1988 – Jim Duggan wins.

(2) Melina vs. Maria. Melina gets on the mic and says after having a talk with Mr. McMahon she is going to take his advice to seize the opportunity and this is now a first contender's match. Maria comes out in a skimpy little pink outfit revealing much. Wow. Maria hits the bronco buster, Melina takes control of the match and uses her finisher "California Dream" which is a submission move to make Maria submit for the victory.

Backstage a very focused HBK says he will walk out tonight 1 half of the Tag Champs, when asked what will it be like to team with Cena, HBK replies "with all due respect to John Cena, he's no Triple H" ouch!

Also backstage, Mickie James and Super Crazy are talking about being crazy when Melina interrupts Mickie and tells her the gold is as good as hers, she then insults Super Crazy and he uses Mickie's hand to slap Melina – they then get into a brawl until they are broken up by Nitro, Crazy and officials.

3rd backstage segment, Edge is talking to Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch saying none of then can believe the nerve of Orton, Cade says Orton is overrated and Edge replies with when we're on the same page no one can stop us.

(3) Val Venis vs. Umaga w/ Estrara. Umaga is looking very serious and has rope burns around his neck. He hits Venis with a Samoan Drop, flying headbut with Val tied up in the ropes, his running power move from turnbuckle to turnbuckle and the Samoan Spike for the 1-2-3.

As Umaga and Estrada are leaving Mr. McMahon makes his way to the ring wearing a cowboy hat with Coach and some workers carrying something. J.R. notes that tomorrow night on ECW on Sci-Fi Vince will hold another fan appreciation night. King notes it will be Vince's first appearance on ECW.

In the ring Vince says "Howdy partner." He says if you wear a cowboy hat you look stupid he says he hates hats because they ruin your hair, he then stomps on it. He says he would like to say two words to the fans "thank you – thank you for making me a billionaire." He invites someone to come into the ring with him, he picks an attractive teenage girl. He says can he have a drumroll, he then pulls the sheet over the object in the ring to reveal a huge picture of his muscle and fitness cover. He says its all for her – she then leaves the ring. All of a sudden, Donald Trump is on the titan tron. He says Vince has no idea what his fans want, he says the only reason people like it is because they don't have any other choice. He says he will give the fans what they want – money then falls from the roof – the fans grab all the money and King notes that it's real. One fan is showing off a 100 dollar bill that he caught. Vince goes irate claiming it's his money, he says this isn't over with Trump and then storms off up the ramp.

WrestleMania promo airs – 62 days till the event.

backstage Vince is walking towards his limo and Coach catches up with him with a handful of money that he rescued to give back to McMahon he states "I've even put 10$ of my own money in it!" Vince says he's never been embarrassed like that in his life, he then snatches the money and leaves.

(4) Carlito w/ Torrie Wilson & Super Crazy vs. Chris Masters & Kenny Dykstra. Crazy and Masters start off the match, Kenny and Carlito are both tagged in, babyfaces knock heels to the outside. Faces hit stereo ariel moves to the outside on their opponents. Someone displayed a "Sign (Lance) Hoyt" sign. Back in the ring the heels take advantage. Crazy finally gets the tag to Carlito and Kenny tags Masters the two fresh guys go at it and Carlito gets the advantage. Carlito rakes the eyes and hits the Back Cracker for the victory.

Backstage Grisham interviews Randy Orton, Grisham questions if Edge and him can work as a team tonight, Orton claims winning the Tag straps may be the biggest highlight of his career. He says he looks forward to defending the gold later tonight.

Images for the Tag Team Title match and the Intercontinental Title match appear on the screen – IC match is next.

(5) Intercontinental Championship – Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali. Khali grabs the title from the referee and holds it above his head. He knocks Hardy to the outside and pulls him back into the ring, Khali hits huge punches and kicks, then hits him with a huge clothesline, Hardy went for the whisper in the wind and it slightly affected Khali. Jeff tries to take advantage but Khali delivers a huge chop on Jeff that sends him from the top rope to the outside. The referee counts out Jeff to give Khali the win. Therefore, Jeff Hardy remains champion.

Footage is shown of Candice Michelle filming a GoDaddy commercial for the Super Bowl.

WrestleMania recall – WrestleMania 21, Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

A new announcer interviews Vladimir Kozlov about the Royal Rumble he says "Only in America can money fall from the sky, I love double double e but at the Royal Rumble I wasn't impressed." he says if he were in the Rumble he would of won it.

A video package is shown of the Last Man Standing match.

Backstage Cena is taking with Ric Flair. Cena says tonight is huge, he culd become Tag Team Champion with HBK, Flair says that sounds awesome but Shawn wants to be in the main event at Mania bad, he says he can see Cena and HBK holding those tag belts up high and then Shawn turns and looks at Cena, he then makes a gesture to Cena' chin and says "superkick" before walking off.

A graphic is shown advertising Mr. McMahon's fan appreciation night on ECW tomorrow.

(6) World Tag Team Championship – Rated-RKO vs. John Cena & Shawn Michaels. HBK and Edge start off the match, Shawn takes the early advantage, Cena gets the tag and the fans get behind him, Edge manages to tag Orton and he takes the advantage over Cena. John's ribs are still taped. Cena rolls up Orton but just for a 2 count. Cena has Edge in the ring and goes for a 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Orton hits Cena in his injured abdominals from the outside. Orton tags in and stomps on Cena, goes for the cover but just gets a 2 count, Edge tags back in and controls Cena going for several covers. Orton back in and has a sleeper and leg scissors on John, he manages to stand up with Orton still on him and knocks Randy down, Cena has been busted open. Edge tagged in, Cena gets hot tag to HBK. Shawn takes it to Rated-RKO and hits the flying elbow on Edge. he then goes for Sweet Chin Music but Orton manages to stop him. Orton tagged back and sizes up HBK for the RKO – Shawn reverses it and tags Cena back in. Cena hits the FU on Orton for the victory and the titles. NEW TAG CHAMPS!! HBK goes to superkick Cena but he sees it in time, John gets up in HBK's face, drops the tag titles and holds up the WWE Title asking "is this what it's about?" DONG, The Undertaker's music drops and he rises up from the stage, staring down Cena and HBK as the show goes off the air.