WWE Taunting TNA With Commercials?

Brent sent the following: Hey I don t know if it aired in other states, but here in Florida Thursday night during Impact, WWE's New Years Revolution Commercial with DX aired on SpikeTV courtesy of Bright House (Florida's lead cable provider). Just thought I would pass that along. I believe it was right after the VKM skit, or right before.

Matt sent the following: I was watching Smackdown! last night and there were several commercials promoting the RAW event in St. Louis at the Scottrade Center soon and there was a part of the ad that I found very intriguing. There were several words that they used to describe Monday Night Raw, and the word that stood out to me was "unrivaled"...Possible shot at TNA calling them chicken to go head-to-head against them? Also, Saturday January 6th, Randy Orton will be appearing at the Slackers in St. Charles, MO between 4-6 pm.