WWE vs. TNA, Stacy Keibler Fired By WWE?, More

February is shaping up to be an interesting month for WWE and TNA. Impact will go head-to-head with RAW on Thursday, February 15th (they will go head-to-head from 9PM ET to 10PM ET). Replays of the shows will also go head-to-head on Saturday night as USA will play a RAW replay at 11PM ET to 1AM ET while the Impact replay will air at 11PM ET and run until midnight ET.

Medialife has an article up about Cablevision picking up WWE 24/7.

The Baltimore Sun has an article up on Stacy Keibler and her attempts at building an acting career. In the article, she mentions that WWE actually "fired" her during Dancing With The Stars, then two days later changed their minds and decided to just let her contract run out.