Angle Speaks On Eddie, Seeing Trish Stratus Naked, More

Thanks to Phil Adams at for this interview recap:

Kurt went over his previous addictions, claiming up to 65 Vicodins per day, including 18 just to get out of bed which impressed Ferrall to no end. Kurt went through the story of Vince forcing him to rehab on the road.

Kurt told the heartwarming story of his fight with Eddie Guererro. Eddie shot on him, trying a leg dive on Kurt. Kurt avoided it and put him in a rear naked choke. Another (nameless) wrestler asked Eddie why he would try a single leg on an Olympic champion. Eddie replied "because I'm f**king stupid".

Kurt actually promoted TNA. He predicted his match this Sunday with Christian will be match of the year. He said that Samoa Joe is a tremendous athlete, can do a 4.5 40 yd dash and has a 44" verticle leap. He said his deal with TNA is financially better than at WWE and at WWE he had a one million dollar guarantee and usually made 2.5 to 3 million.

Talking about his WWE days, he has seen Trish Stratus naked, but wouldn't give the details. In response to question from Eric the Midget, he
reiterated his claim that HHH is a slimeball, saying he is a slimeball because HHH would never put Kurt over knowing Kurt could surpass him.

He is negotiating for a big deal with EXC. He claimed that although UFC, through Dana, didn't want him after he told them he would continue to
wrestle, they now want him again after hearing he is negotiating with EXC. He is now negotiating with both. Spike wants him to go UFC.

Of course, he can beat anybody in MMA since he has "superior quickness". He wants to fight three times before he is 40. He is probably too big to fight at 205, so a special weight class will have to be made for him.