Ashley/Playboy, Paul Bearer/Taker, Hogan, RAW, More

There is a post on Paul Bearer's official website in which he talks about managing the "Brothers of Destruction" Undertaker and Kane in a dark match after a recent SmackDown/ECW taping.

This week's very special episode of Hogan Knows Best on VH-1 features Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs as the house guest who overstays his visit to the Hogan household.

There are early plans in place for the USA Network to cross characters from their comedy "Psych" onto Monday Night Raw, with the actors appearing as their TV personas in vignettes.

Next week on SmackDown, the beautiful Ashley will unveil her Playboy cover to WWE fans.

In two weeks, when SmackDown heads to San Diego, former World Champion Rey Mysterio will make his first appearance since being injured months ago by Chavo Guerrero.