Backlund's Status, Rhino Update, More News

For those keeping up with the current storyline in TNA and have avoided reading spoilers, Christian Cage will reveal the identity of his "consultant/advisor" on iMPACT! this Thursday night.

The Dearborn Press and Guide has an interview up with Rhino where he discusses his career and where he is at now with TNA. It is interesting to note that Rhino admits he didn't burn the real ECW World Championship last year in an angle with TNA against the new ECW and that the real belt is in Dearborn, MI. He also added that WWE contacted him about getting the belt back when they relaunched the new ECW.

Mike Johnson is reporting that Bob Backlund has become one of the most talked about figures backstage at TNA for his unique mannerisms and reactions. During the last TNA taping in Orlando, Backlund was spotted by several people walking back to his hotel dragging his luggage behind him. The hotel is about 10 minutes away by car from where the company tapes. When wrestlers and fans pulled over to offer Backlund a ride, he refused saying that walking was healthier.