Backstage Meeting At The 1/16 Taping, Vince Goes Nuts

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince McMahon went nuts at the 1/16 tapings. He was already mad about the New Years Revolution PPV. He hated the ECW TV show and was screaming that there was no one in ECW who knew how to work. He was especially angry about the main event as he felt Lashley sold far too much to be a credible champion on the same level as the Raw and SD champions.

Arn Anderson got some heat as he was the agent for the match and argued that it was Test and RVD's fault as they felt they "had to get their s–t in".

Vince said he never wants the ECW TV to go out live again so they can try and edit together a decent show. It did air live last week so maybe he clamed down just a little bit.

This was the same meeting where Johnny 'Ace' Laurinaitis noted that wrestlers weren't allowed to leave the arena after checking in due to an increasing number of speeding tickets. RVD also spoke out in a mocking tone during this meeting.

Dusty Rhodes has been moved to ECW to help Lagana with the creative on Lagana's request. Michael Hayes wasn't happy about the decision as Rhodes has been having a major influence on SD! which has improved greatly in the eyes of the McMahon's recently.