Big Update On WrestleMania 23 Inside, & More

According to Dave Meltzer, John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels is on the booking sheets for Wrestlemania as of this weekend, although plans change almost on a daily basis. Meltzer also reports that the McMahon-Trump feud is likely to involve Hulk Hogan. Thus, Hogan would be managed by Trump with Vince either managing son Shane or The Great Khali. Once again, nothing is official.

World Wrestling Entertainment's plan for WrestleMania 23 this year is to get the top matches announced publicly as soon as possible. By doing this the company will have a longer build time for the big matches on the show.

The company is already getting this rolling starting tonight with The Undertaker making his decision on Monday Night Raw on which World Champion he will face at WrestleMania in Detroit.