Bill Goldberg Mad At TNA; Speaks About Future

source: PWInsider

Former WCW and WWE Champion Bill Goldberg recently spoke out in an article in the Miami Herald, talking about Showtime s Mixed Martial Arts Company, Elite XC. In the article Goldberg expressed his frustration with TNA using his name.

'If it wasn't for a phone call from Lesnar, I wouldn't have known about that,' said Goldberg. “Brock said, `You know that they are using our name again.' I told him it pisses you off to a point because you see people capitalizing on your name, and it benefits you in absolutely no way, except for the fact that it keeps the name out there. If it were not for wrestling, I wouldn't be doing this Showtime gig and the Spike TV gig, because as many bad things that were associated with it, that profession kind of put me on the map. I owe a lot to it, and I owe the fans even more, but it pisses me off as a promotion that somebody would do that. That is no big deal. It just gives me more of a reason to beat the hell out of them even more.'

Goldberg, who will be doing color commentary for EliteXC, noted that at the age of 40, his days inside the ring are likely over. " days of putting those skinny tights on, whether it be for wrestling or fighting, are pretty much over with,' said Goldberg. “Although, [Live Events President] Gary Shaw, like pretty much any good promoter I've been associated with, is going to try to get me in the ring or cage. You never say never, but the reality is for me to be a successful MMA fighter you have to be well-rounded and put the time in. It's tough to put six months in and say `Ok, I'm going to fight.'

Elite XC debuts in less than a week as the promotion will kick off on February 10th on Showtime and will present regular live events on the pay cable network. The promotion will have its programming available for Canadian fans on The Fight Network.