An insider from MTV is claiming that the decision has been made by the network, to cancel the Wrestling Society X series, according to Dave Scherer. The move is believed to have been made earlier today, and was done due to the drop in ratings since its first week.

It is unknown if the six remaining episodes will air on MTV or not. Scherer adds that it’s already been stated that the series will be pulled immediately.

Though apparently pulled by MTV, Big Vision Entertainment retains the rights to the promotion, so it is possible that WSX could move the series to a different network or release DVDs, if they decide to continue.

As this news comes from a source from MTV, it is important to remember that at this moment, the network has not made any public indications that WSX is indeed canceled. The series is still listed on the MTV website to air this Tuesday at 10:30PM (Eastern), while clips of WSXtra are still posted as well.

We’ll keep you updated when further developments are available.