Cena's Movie Recalled, RAW Notes, Mickie, More

Malaysian wrestling fans looking forward to seeing WWE star John Cena strutting his stuff on the big screen may be disappointed. Cena's movie feature debut, "The Marines", has been 'recalled' from local release by 20th Century Fox, likely for reasons akin to "having expired its shelf-life". The movie, presented by 20th Century Fox in association with WWE (World Wresting Entertainment) Films, was released in the United States in October last year. The movie was deemed "unsuitable" for local release by its distributor probably because of its 'delay' and 'limited appeal' to Malaysian viewers. Another Fox/Warner Bros movie which was recently withdrawn from release in Malaysia was "A Good Year". The reason was also a matter of dollars and sense as it had been deemed not worthwhile because of its limited appeal.

Most recent RAW events have been selling copies of John Cena s film, The Marine .

Today in the Del-Rios News Herald in Texas, it features an article on the WWE Women s champion Mickie James and Ken Kennedy. Both discussing being able to live their dreams working for the company and the hard work that went into getting there.