Cramer Shoots On WWE Stock, WWE 24/7 DirectTV Deal

Will Bowers sent the following: Hey, I was watching Mad Money with Jim Cramer on CNBC yesterday and a caller asked about the WWE stock. This is what was said: "Here's the thing, WWE has done absolutely nothing since I recommended it, but you got a 6% yield. And you know what? Sometimes it pays to be doing nothing with that dividend. I am sticking by WWE, because of international business. The domestic is not that good. I want you to stick with WWE." WWE stock was up $0.20 (1.25%) today at $16.22 today for those who care.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that in regards to a possibility of DirecTV picking up WWE's 24/7 Video On-Demand service, DirecTV does not offer an on-demand service to order programming. So, as of now, DirecTV doesn't have anything in place to make 24/7 work.