Did Test Quit WWE?, El Hijo Del Santo Turns Down WWE, More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

On his MySpace page, the recently released Andrew "Test" Martin posted the following message as his headline/catchphrase: "free at last! I just asked for my release from wwe and got it!" However, his statement doesn't appear to be true.

Mexican star El Hijo del Santo is saying that WWE contacted him and offered him a job, but turned it down. On the otherhand, WWE sources are saying that there is nothing to that story. What appears to be the case is that he doesn't want people thinking that WWE was only interested in fellow Mexican star Mistico, who is 24 years old, and not him because he doesn't want to be perceived as "old news." Santo is 43 years old. So basically, he made everything up because he'll come off better by saying that he rejected them rather than being perceived as someone that WWE isn't interested in, which is actually the case.

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