ECW To Stay Live, Vince McMahon/WSX/ECW, & More

After witnessing the 1/16 ECW show, Vince McMahon vowed that ECW on Sci Fi would never go live again. However, he's since changed his mind and the show will continue being aired live. He realized the problems that making the show taped would bring, and he decided to just let the idea go. It is now a dead issue.

Vince McMahon does see Wrestling Society X as a threat, which is why he has been putting some more effort into the ECW on Sci Fi program in recent weeks. A few weeks ago, McMahon had been quite negative on ECW, but he now has an increased interest in pushing it due to WSX. McMahon's appearance on ECW on 1/30 was done to combat WSX's official debut on MTV. Also, having Bobby Lashley appear on RAW to give him some extra exposure, having ECW guys appear on RAW, acknowledging the show & building angles on RAW to hype ECW is due to WSX as well.