Eric Bischoff Breaks His Arm In A Fight, Trish, More

source: PWInsider

–Eric Bischoff sent out the following to his mailing list:

Its been a while! Unfortunately, I get into a "fight" a couple of weeks ago and broke my right arm. Its been tough to send e mails, and impossible to do a decent job on my blog particularly since I'm right handed and that was the arm that was broken.


Its a pretty funny story, and not waht (sic) you would check out the blog this Tuesday for all the details, as well as an update on whats been happening (not so much) since my epic one on one battle in a night club in Salt Lake City!

–VH-1 will be running another marathon of Armed & Famous featuring former WWE Women s Champion Trish Stratus today beginning at 12 p.m. EST.