Gauntlet Match For Thursday's TNA iMPACT; Title Shot


This Thursday on TNA iMPACT, 14 wrestlers will be involved in a Gauntlet Match to determine the number one contender for the NWA World Title. The winner will face Christian Cage at next month's Destination X pay-per-view on March 11th.

Stipulations will be: Two TNA wrestlers will start the match with a new entrant every two minutes. Competitors can only be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope. The final two wrestlers will then compete in a one-fall singles match to determine who moves on to face Christian Cage for the NWA World Title at Destination X.

The following wrestlers will be included in the match:

1. Abyss
2. AJ Styles
3. BG James
4. Chris Sabin
5. Eric Young
6. James Storm
7. Kip James
8. Kurt Angle
9. Rhino
10. Robert Roode
11. Samoa Joe
12. Scott Steiner
13. Sting
14. Tomko