Goldberg On Law & Order Tonight, WM23 Press Conference

Jason sent the following: If you go to: there is a video link that shows highlights from the press conference that was held this past Friday in Windsor, Ontario. I was at the press conference and it was just your usual "Did you know Wrestlemania is coming to Detroit?" type affair. Nothing too earth shattering to report. I will say though that after the press conference there was an autograph signing with Hillbilly Jim and Carlito. Unfortunately Chris Benoit and CM Punk were not able to be a part of the signing apparently because the two had other commitments and couldn't stay for the signing and had to leave immediately afterwards. I'm quite sure there were quite a few ticked off fans to say the least but such is life. I must say though that Hillbilly Jim was a CLASS ACT .. hands down very friendly and grateful .. I was blown away! Carlito was pretty personable also. On a side note, I will say though, the theater was rocking when the talents came out. CM Punk was pretty over but Benoit owned the room! (obviously!)

Michael LeBlanc sent the following: During the teaser section for "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" tonight, Bill Goldberg shows up, playing a suspect whacked out on PCP named "Cupid". He trashed the station, manhandled the detectives (even throwing the Elliot Stabler character through a glass window), and caused general mayhem. What finally brought "Goldberg" down?...a full taser charge – and a chair shot!