Hardy's/Helms Attend Game, K-Fed/WWE, & More News

Sam Watkins sent this in: I just wanted to share this news article. I go to school at UNC, and Matt and Jeff Hardy and Gregory Helms recently came to one of the basketball games. There is an article in the NY Times about the basketball program at UNC, and Jeff Hardy and Gregory Helms can be seen in the picture.

Brandon Sunder sent this in: Just letting you all know, Jeff Hardy/Hardy Boyz' entrance music was used as background music on the premiere episode this past Thursday on the new MTV series "Juvies."

Ryan Howard sent this in: I was flipping through ads in the paper recently and came across the K-Mart ad showing a John Cena 2-Pack dvd that included the "Thug Life" DVD released back in 2004 and the Unforgiven 2006. The price was 15 dollars for the 2-pack. This was done to promote The Marine DVD. Also, on Headline News last night Nancy Grace was talking about K-Fed and his whole deal. She mentioned the wrestling match between Cena and K-Fed. She clearly struggled with this as she pronounced his name to be Sina (Sin-nah). She also called Cena "Humongo" and said that he "roughed up K-Fed." They showed a picture of Cena with the belt while this was talked about.