Huge Update On The Future Of MTV?s WSX

Partial Source: PWInsider

The following message was issued on the official "MySpace" page for Wrestling Society X early on Friday morning: "Quick update on the status of the program as I'm sure you all are very curious. First and foremost, the show has not been cancelled. However Wrestling Society X will not be on next week in its normal timeslot. The show WILL resume to its normal schedule the week after. Thank you for your support! Please be sure to let everyone know WSX will resume Feb 27 at 10:30pm on MTV! -WSX"


MTV made a decision to pull Episode #4 of WSX this coming Tuesday when a portion of the show raised concern with the network's "standards and practices department." What concerned MTV officials was an angle where IWA Puerto Rico star Ricky Banderas threw a fireball in the face of WSX Champion Vampiro. Upon further review, the network felt the stunt was too risky too show in fear that viewers may attempt to duplicate it at home. Given the backlash the network got for showing the popular "Jackass" show for many years and then in turn seeing footage of children duplicating what they saw, MTV is hoping to avoid any type of legal snafu in the near future by pulling this episode. You can view complete footage of the episode at this link.


So, as of now, Wrestling Society X is not 100% gone from MTV at this time and anyone reporting otherwise is not getting the right information. The show will return in two weeks on February 27 at 10:30pm Eastern/9:30pm Central, once again going head-to-head with WWE's ECW on Sci Fi program. We have heard reports that given the amount of major shakeups within MTV, it is possible that WSX could be moved to a different night of the week since the show has seen a steady drop in viewership over the last two weeks going up against ECW. Either way, we will continue to follow this story as it develops.