Hulk Hogan Claims He's Done With WWE

Hulk Hogan appeared on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show this afternoon. A variety of topics were discussed in regards to Hogan Knows Best, starting a wrestling promotion, Hogan vs. Russo and more. Perhaps, the most interesting comment made was in regard to Hogan's status in the WWE. Hogan stated he is not involved in WrestleMania 23 and is quoted as saying he apparently no longer works for the company anymore.

Hogan also claimed that he got in trouble following his last appearance on Bubba's show after the Hall of Fame candidates were spilled on the air by Vince McMahon's secretary.

In regards to Hogan's status with the WWE, it must be made clear that Hogan has a tendency to exaggerate or overstate things. Another interesting note, the WWE merchandise website has put Hogan's merchandise on a special clearance sale.