Jillian Hall's Gimmick A Spoof On Brooke Hogan, More

WWE has hired a full-time scout to travel the country and recruit amateur and pro athletes to potentially become developmental projects for WWE. That person is Ty Bailey, the son of Miami Dolphins CEO Joe Bailey. He used to work for the XFL and is considered well-connected in the NFL. He reports to John Laurinaitis. The goal is to create relationships with the player organizations in the NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, and the Olympics.

Jillian Hall doing the airhead singing gimmick is, in fact, a shot at Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke. Vince McMahon thinks that Jillian looks just like Brooke, although others don't really see it. Whatever the case may be, Jillian's "singing" is intended to be a spoof on Brooke Hogan by Vince McMahon.