Johnny Ace Pissed At RVD, Paul Heyman Returning To ECW?

Johnny Ace has been burying Rob Van Dam's matches even more in recent agents meetings. He's been incredibly negative on him ever since he kind of mocked him during a meeting before a recent SmackDown/ECW taping (which was due to Sylvan Grenier being arrested for speeding the week before) when RVD said that the guys couldn't leave the arena during the afternoon to go to the gym anymore. RVD's comment infuriated Johnny Ace to say the least.

There is a lot of talk going around about Paul Heyman being brought back. He wouldn't be brought back to the creative team, but rather, to lead the 'ECW Originals'. People in creative are talking about booking Heyman's return to television. They might do an angle where Heyman cuts a major promo by saying that before he was ousted last December, he was simply doing what Vince McMahon was telling him to do. However, he's back and will finally stand up to Vince. He will then help lead his boys in their war with McMahon and the new breed of ECW. WWE has pretty much kept Heyman under contract to prevent him from possibly going to TNA.